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‘Dead man’ readmitted to GMC Jammu for treatment

GMC Principal says inquiry ordered to know who moved patient’s trolley to a place near mortuary

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Shaming humanity, doctors at Government Medical College Jammu allegedly shifted a destitute with worm infection in the back to the mortuary of the hospital to let him die there. But he didn’t. Certainly, not a good news for the hospital staff!

Social activist, SomNathDabgotra noticed the abandoned man, lying on a trolley, found near the morgue of the hospital today and raised alarm. Only after his efforts, the “dead man” was readmitted to the hospital for treatment.

According to Dabgotra, Bipin of Orissa, a manual labour who lives alone in Jammu, fell from the rooftop of an under-construction building a few days back.

“The destitute, with severe injuries in the back, was taken to government hospital Gandhi Nagar, Jammu, where he was given the preliminary treatment. Later, around 4 days back, in an ambulance, the hospital (Gandhi Nagar hospital) staff left him outside the Medical College Jammu,” Dabgotra said.

“He was under–treatment at the hospital. Only the previous night, when I came to inquire about his health from doctors, I was told that he died and his ‘body’ has been shifted to the mortuary,” said the social activist

Dabgotra said that when he inquired from the mortuary staff about the reasons behind the “death” of the ailing man, he was told by a confidant that the person was not dead, but lying on a trolley near the morgue.

“I was pained to see the ‘dead man’ with blood oozing out of his wounds, eating and drinking whatever he was offered by the passerby,” Dabgotra further said.

He said that he later called the media and only after the story of the destitute went viral, he was offered help and readmitted by the hospital administration for the further treatment.

The principal of the medical college, Dr Sunanda Raina, however, said that the man was not shifted to the mortuary.

On being asked the reasons why the man was lying on a trolley near the morgue then, she said, “This is certainly an act of a mischievous element. The hospital administration has ordered an inquiry into this incident. The inquiry committee will take the help of CCTV footage to know as to who moved the trolley of the patient to a place near the mortuary.”

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