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No Change In Article 35-A Stance After Pulwama Attack

As Petitions Challenge Validity of Article 35-A, Key 1954 File Goes Missing


The Jammu and Kashmir administration today ruled out any change in its stand on Article 35-A – a law that gives special powers to people of the state – and maintained that only an elected government can argue the matter before the Supreme Court, news agency PTI reported.

Addressing a press meet, administration spokesperson Rohit Kansal said that the state government’s stand on requesting the delay of the hearing in the case remains unchanged. On February 11, the Jammu and Kashmir government’s counsel had sought permission from the Supreme Court to circulate a letter seeking the adjournment of an upcoming hearing in the sensitive case because there was no “elected government” in the state.

What is Article 35A?


Article 35A prohibits people outside Jammu and Kashmir from buying or owning immovable property, settling permanently and also from becoming beneficiaries of state-sponsored schemes.

Centre likely to make stand on Article 35A clear


On the other hand, Sources are saying that that top leaders from Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) have already held discussions on government’s next move on Article 35A incorporated into the Constitution in 1954 by the then President Rajendra Prasad.

Important File Goes Missing.. Coincidence?

Union home secretary Rajiv Mehrishi has confirmed that a crucial file from 1954 that justified the insertion of Article 35-A into the Constitution has gone missing from the high-security vaults of the North Block and the government hopes to find it soon.

‘Window of opportunity’

A senior member of the government’s legal team confirmed to India Today TV that SC will hold an in-chamber hearing on petitions filed against Article 35A.

The proceeding, which is not open for the public, may offer a new window of opportunity to the government to make its stand clear on Article 35A.

According to sources, the Centre will not put forth any written submission during the hearing but likely to make an oral mention during the in-chamber hearing.

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